Emerging Technologies to Replace Animals for Clinical Trials to Fight Pathogens in India

Be it Ebola or Human papillomavirus (HPV) , Nipah  or encephalitis  #pathogens are posing tough challenges to the public health globally and have never seized from affecting the  humanity for centuries. In fact, the pathogens have created panic among the governments, NGOs, pharmaceutical companies and the healthcare providers.  Health epidemics are massive killers and have deciphered tens and thousands of people with lasting impact on generations. Research to tackle these dreadful disease causing viruses is equally continuing on war foot basis but not without consequences. Traditionally, drug development agencies have been relaying on rodents and primates like rabbits, rats, monkeys and dogs in trying and testing drugs capable of fighting the infectious diseases before reaching the human. Although stringent laws limiting the amount of trauma to these poor creatures have been enacted, vaccines and drugs meant to prevent or cure  fatal and life threatening diseases are showing toxic effects on the animals.

The dreams of the environmentalists, activists  and animal lovers have been fighting for the cause of the animals have  finally come true that the Government of India has decided to replace animals for clinical trials with technologies like organs-on-a-chip for #biomedical research. Though it is great news for the animals and animal lovers, it is technology in centric programme that demands huge capital investment. Again, the technology is not a panacea for all kinds of trials as the drugs that may affect human psyche must be effective only when it is tested on the living organism.

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